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Open-Xchange App Suite
The only cost-effective corporate email with collaborative tools

Revenue generating, cost efficient and secure. Your professional online communication suite!


Security first

Rediscover Email

Boost Productivity

Share and Collaborate

One suite for everything

Email Storage 30GB 10GB / 25GB 1GB / 3GB / 5GB 1TB
Free Domain
DNZ Zone Management
Website Hosting
Price Per User $6.00 Per Month $2.25 Per Month $0.99 Per Month $6.00 Per Month

OX Guard for Email

Safety first. Some Emails need a little extra security.

Worry-free Email with just one click.

Email encryption can be very complicated and cumbersome to use. If you want to send a sensitive email to your lawyer, accountant or supplier, you can avoid going through complicated multi-step encryption processes: do it in just one click!

OX Guard makes email encryption easy for sender and recipient.

OX Guard

Email encryption: if it’s not easy you won’t use it!

Drive Mail

Keep control of your attachments.

Avoid size limits for your attachments. Choose to attach your file as normal or use the Drive Mail feature to share files and documents of any size

OX App Suite in 2 Minutes
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OX Mail is intuitive and easy to use. Its clean and user-friendly interface allows you to get started immediately, without any tedious setup or learning. All the features and functions you need. Right at your fingertips.


OX Portal is your OX App Suite dashboard. It provides a convenient overview of what’s happening in OX App Suite. Bringing together several widgets, it shows your latest email, displays upcoming appointments, reminds you of open tasks, and more.


OX Tasks provides everything you need for creating, managing, and completing your daily or long-term tasks. Creating new tasks and updating existing items is easy, just fill in two fields: Subject and Description.

Address Book
Address Book

OX Address Book is an easy-to-use address book and contact management tool. With a few clicks you can add and manage existing contacts, or create private folders, subfolders, and groups to organize them efficiently.


OX Drive is a cloud storage solution for easily saving, viewing, and managing your files online, perfect for in the office or on the go. OX Drive is accessible via OX App Suite or you can download it to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC.


Share files effortlessly over the cloud with advanced file management features, granular sharing permission settings and more


OX Calendar provides all you need for easy and intuitive schedule management. You can organize business appointments or private engagements, either separatly or within a single, fully integrated calendar.


OX Documents is a high-performing, fully integrated office suite for consumers and businesses. With OX Text, OX Spreadsheet, and OX Presentation, you have everything you need to work more efficiently and creatively than ever.


OX Documents is a high-performing, fully integrated office suite for consumers and businesses. With OX Text, OX Spreadsheet, and OX Presentation, you have everything you need to work more efficiently and creatively than ever.

Rediscover Email

Not just email. Get things done quickly and smoothly.

The heart of OX App Suite is the easy-to-use email app. Simply send an email or dive deeper and discover a rich array of helpful features, all designed to get things done as quickly and smoothly as possible. Category Tabs, Drive Mail, drag & drop, full text search, time saving links to calendar, drive or documents – just give it a try – you’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll get things done!

Drive Mail

Large attachments? No problem.

Many email servers don’t accept email attachments over a specific size.

Send large attachments using Drive Mail in OX App Suite. Attach a large file and Drive Mail shares a convenient download link to that file.

Set expiration times on your attachments for extra security.

Drag & drop

Intuitive, easy-to-use drag and drop.

OX App Suite Pricing

OX App Suite
OX App Suite + Productivity
99.9% Uptime SLA
Premium Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam
Mailboxes Size
Full-Featured Webmail
Mobile & Desktop Access (IMAP)
Shared Calendars, Contacts, Tasks
CardDAV & CalDAV
Integrated Portal Page
Self-Service Migration Tool
Cloud File Storage
Online Office Suite
Create / Edit Word Docs
Create / Edit Spreadsheets
Create / Edit PowerPoint

Attachment Editing Roundtrip

OX App Suite combines OX Mail and OX Documents seamlessly.

With the powerful OX Mail and OX Documents combination, you can half the amount of steps it takes to edit and turn a document per email.

OX Calendar

Manage your time.

OX Calendar provides all you need for easy and intuitive schedule management. Organize business appointments or private engagements across separate calendars or in a single, fully integrated one. In addition to your own calendar you can also set up public calendars to organize group appointments.

You can share your calendars with confidence, as you decide who gets access to it and what they can do.

Professional Calendar

Professional Calendar

A professional calendar for your business.

OX Calendar delivers all the features you expect from a business calendar app: move around appointments with drag & drop, see who has time on their schedule, attach documents, organize follow up appointments, send email to participants, allow them to make changes to the appointment and much more.

Vacation Notice

Vacation Notice

Customize your Vacation Notice.

Forgotten to turn off your auto-reply email when you return from vacation? It’s not always a mistake, but when it is, we’ve got you covered. When you return to work, OX App Suite reminds you to turn off auto-reply with a handy notification at the top of your inbox.

Social Calendar

Social Calendar

If a calendar is available on the internet, you can subscribe to it.

Import and display any iCal base calendar.

Scheduling View

Scheduling View

Scheduling a team meeting, easy as ABC.

Creating meetings with large groups can be a bit of a headache and often results in many emails going back and forth. With OX Calendar scheduling you can simply have a look at everybody’s calendars and find a free slot for your meeting or call.

OX Tasks

Organize to do’s for you and your team.

Got a project you need to manage? Simply create a task for yourself or others. With OX Tasks you have a smart tool that lets you organize your own to do’s or teams easily. Simply create a task, specify the due date and create reminders to make sure you don’t forget. If you have connected your IOS device, you’ll even get a reminder there.

If you want to collaborate with somebody else, simply create a task and assign it to them. Add a description and other details so you can easily keep track of the progress of the project.

Real-time collaboration

Working against the clock? Real-time collaboration buys you time.

OX Text, combined with OX Drive, gives you the power to collaborate online and create and edit text documents together. Collaborate with colleagues and customers device-independently and in real time.

Share and Collaborate

Work smarter, not harder. Collaborate with ease.

Work on any text, spreadsheet, or presentation in OX App Suite. Click on "Edit as new," and your documents automatically opens, ready to be edited.

When you’re done, click "Attach document to mail" to send it to your recipients.

You don’t need to download and save: spend less time on routine tasks so you can spend more time on the essential ones.

OX Drive Apps

Access your files on the move.

You can access OX Drive from your Web browser on any device. It is fully integrated with OX App Suite and functions in “close collaboration” with all other OX App Suite app lications. Native apps for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, along with Windows and Mac apps for laptop or desktop PCs, are available. OX Drive is designed to give you complete flexibility at home, at work or on the move.

Download the OX Drive Apps here:


One suite for everything.

No wasted clicks.

Why click four times, when you can get it done with half the clicks? All the apps in OX App Suite are fully integrated: you can do all you need quickly and smoothly, within the same environment.

Do you need to invite all the recipients from an email to attend an appointment? Just do it from the email.

Do you need to edit a document that you have received and send it back? Open the attachment by clicking on "Edit as New", edit it and when you are done, click on "File" > "Send it as email": a Reply message to the original email will automatically be created with the edited document attached. Cool eh?

OX App Suite

Welcome to your suite.

With OX App Suite your digital office is always with you: everything is readily available right when you need it, wherever you are.

Designed with efficiency in mind.

OX App Suite is simple and gives you access to all the business apps you need in one go. Save precious time and do everything you need with zero stress.

Stay in the flow

Optimized ‘workflow’: breeze through the apps and get work done.

Frequently Asked Questions

OX App Suite offers professional, reliable email with many features at an affordable price.

Start reselling OX App Suite and offer your customers a host of cloud-based communication, productivity, and collaboration apps all in one easy to use platform. From enterprise emails to cloud-based storage, to calendar and document editing, OX App Suite allows your customers to manage their business and digital lives anywhere across various devices.

To setup email on Outlook 2016: Click on the Start Menu (or press the Windows key) and then search for Control Panel. Once in the Control Panel, in the upper right-hand corner change View by: to Small Icons

To share a file or folder with internal or external contacts in Drive: First, log in to the OX App Suite via Select the file or folder that you would like to share and click “Share” in the toolbar.

To set up an automatic reply to your emails: login to the OX App Suite via Click the settings cog button and select “Mail” from the left side of your screen.